Welcome to the University of Washington College of Built Environments.JES

Built environments impact all of our lives. In every corner of the globe, people depend on the strength of the structures they live and work in, and the design of their communities. At the College of Built Environments, home to practitioners in architecture, construction management, landscape architecture, real estate and urban design, we see ourselves as a collective group of experts, applying our skills and knowledge to the planning, design, construction and function of sustainable, healthy cities.

As our world changes, we know that innovative thinkers and collaborators are vital to the needs of our increasingly urban lives. Thus, our goals are simple – to produce graduates who will lead the industry and contribute to the creation of smart inclusive communities; and to pursue research that addresses solutions to the issues of urbanism, globalism and sustainability.

In practice, this means our faculty are teaching students the foundations of art, history, theory, craftsmanship and technical skills, while challenging them to explore their creative ideas. To be capable, prepared professionals, we provide our students with extended opportunities to work in the field – partner projects with industry, government and community – make our students well rounded problem solvers who know how to work collaboratively.

As part of our research mission our faculty have built four research labs and six research centers. These investigators are seeking innovative solutions to the complex challenges facing our world today. We’re studying how communities can best function with new technology and design, ensuring we have minimal impact on the natural environment through thoughtful design and sustainable and economically viable development.

While our each of our departments has their own unique function, together we share a commitment to serving our students, leading the industry with ecological and responsible ideas and working in the field to solve real world problems.

We welcome you to explore our website featuring our diverse fields of study, research concentrations and facilities, and visit us to see the great work of our faculty and students.

John Schaufelberger, Ph.D.
Dean, College of Built Environments