Opportunities + Deadlines

Check back frequently for the most up-to-date RFPs and funding opportunities relevant to the College of Built Environments. If you know of a great opportunity that you don’t see listed, please email BE Research at beres@uw.edu and we’ll be happy to share it with the community.

University of Washington Grants

UW Royalty Research Fund, last Monday in September and first Monday in March
UW faculty seeking to establish new research programs with budgets up to $40,000.

UW Bridge Funding, November 1 and May 1, annually
Support for faculty from the Provost’s Office to span the gap in critical research programs.

UW Global Innovation Fund, application will reopen Fall 2018
Initiatives and programs developing cross-college and cross-continent collaborations that enhance the UW’s global reach with budgets up to $20,000.

UW Innovation Awards, application will reopen Fall 2018
Early and mid-career faculty conducting research in health, natural, social, and engineering sciences that is highly creative, innovative, and potentially transformational. Up to $250,000/year for two years.

Amazon Catalyst, application will reopen Fall 2018
Amazon and the University of Washington have teamed up to create Amazon Catalyst, a new program to help you launch your next big idea. If you’ve got a big, bold solution to a problem in the world, we want to hear it – and you could get up to $100,000 to bring it to life.

Foundation and Association Grants

Bullitt Foundation Grants, September 15 and March 15, annually
Projects that explore one of five program areas in the Emerald Corridor, the region bounded by Vancouver, BC to the north, Portland to the south, and the Cascades to the east: Energy, Climate, and Materials; Regional Ecosystem Health; Resilient Cities, Healthy Communities; Deep Green Buildings; and Thought Leadership and Innovation.

Graham Foundation Grants to Individuals, Inquiry Form deadline 9/15/2018
Projects about architecture and the designed environment that will contribute to an individual’s creative, intellectual, and professional growth at crucial or potentially transformative stages in their career.

Graham Foundation Grants to Organizations, application will reopen Winter 2019
Programs that support architecture and the designed environment.

Guggenheim Fellowship, September 19, 2018
Mid-career individuals in the arts and sciences.

MacArthur Foundation, Ongoing
Currently accepting proposals that focus on conservation and sustainable development.

PCI Foundation, Ongoing
Educational and research initiatives focused on innovative approaches to the integrated and sustainable use of precast concrete design, fabrication, and construction.

Rauschenberg Foundation Grants, Ongoing
Programs and projects that align with the Foundation’s aspiration to achieve a vibrant, equitable, and sustainable world through the power of creative problem solving.

RWJ Foundation, Ongoing
Supports pioneering ideas and innovative solutions to build a Culture of Health in America.

Surdna Foundation, Ongoing
Programs and projects that align with the Foundation’s priority areas of Sustainable Environments, Strong Local Economies, and Thriving Cultures.

Wellcome Trust – Our Planet, Our Health, Ongoing
Research that focuses on human health, particularly solutions that protect, nurture, and sustain the planet.

William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, Ongoing
Currently accepting proposals that focus on energy, climate, and conservation issues.

Federal Grants

Engineering for Civil Infrastructure
PD-17-073Y | NSF | 9/17/18
The Engineering for Civil Infrastructure (ECI) program supports fundamental research that will shape the future of our nation’s constructed civil infrastructure, subjected to and interacting with the natural environment, to meet the needs of humans. In this context, research driven by radical rethinking of traditional civil infrastructure in response to emerging technological innovations, changing population demographics, and evolving societal needs is encouraged.

Prediction of and Resilience against Extreme Events
16-562 | NSF | 9/18/18
PREEVENTS seeks projects that will (1) enhance understanding of the fundamental processes underlying natural hazards and extreme events on various spatial and temporal scales, as well as the variability inherent in such hazards and events, and (2) improve our capability to model and forecast such hazards and events.

Innovations at the Nexus of Food, Energy and Water Systems
18-545 | NSF | 9/26/18
Humanity depends upon the Earth’s physical resources and natural systems for food, energy, and water (FEW). However, both the physical resources and the FEW systems are under increasing stress. It is becoming imperative that we determine how society can best integrate social, ecological, physical and built environments to provide for growing demand for food, energy and water in the short term while also maintaining appropriate ecosystem services for the future.

National Science Foundation Research Traineeship (NRT) Program
18-507 | NSF | 2/6/19
The NSF Research Traineeship (NRT) program is designed to encourage the development and implementation of bold, new, and potentially transformative models for STEM graduate education training. The NRT program seeks proposals that explore ways for graduate students in research-based master’s and doctoral degree programs to develop the skills, knowledge, and competencies needed to pursue a range of STEM careers.

Limited Submission Grants

Funding for Students

Graham Foundation Carter Manny Award, 11/15/2018

The Graham Foundation offers two Carter Manny Awards: a research award for a student at the research stage of the doctoral dissertation and a writing award for a student at the writing stage of the doctoral dissertation. The research award is acknowledged with up to $15,000 and the writing award is acknowledged with up to $20,000.