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  • CBE Department Impact Stories

    To best communicate the work of your students and faculty, we want you to tell us your stories. We will use this bank of stories to share them in print pieces, on the web, through social media, and in newsletters.
  • "Helping Veterans Heal", "Ride Safe Through Seattle Streets", "Job-site Safety: Why It Matters", "World's Best Pre-School Garden","Students Design Award Winning Parklet" etc.
  • BE Impact - Tell us about your project!

  • Who was involved? What did you do? Where did your story take place? When did it happen? Why did you pursue this project, and why is it important to the public?
  • What was the outcome? Who benefited? What are the long-term impacts? Are there research outcomes and how can they be used? How did this experience benefit the students?
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  • You can also share with by inviting into a shared document or folder.