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Organizational Analysis Report

CBE Organizational Analysis Report


The College of Built Environments partnered with an external consultant, Julius Erolin (the Consultant), to conduct a brief college-wide organizational review (the Review). The goal of the Review is to gather perspectives across the College on the current strengths, challenges and opportunities of the College. It is not intended as a “fact-finding” exercise. It is a process of understanding how various stakeholders “see” and experience the College.

The Review is part of the “Dean’s Dialogue”, a larger and longer process of listening, learning and planning for Dean Renée Cheng. Given the larger dialogue engaging the broader College community, the Review was designed to be narrow in scope. It is focused on gathering perspectives from faculty and staff, and student and PAC leaders.

The Consultant collected information from individual interviews, focus groups, a survey and review of relevant documents. 105 individuals participated in seven focus groups, 134 completed the survey, and 11 were interviewed. Information from the concurrent “visioning” sessions were also used for this Review. 109 individuals participated in six visioning sessions. Participation in the data collection process was very high among faculty and staff, and more limited with student leaders and external community members. This report summarizes the findings and conclusions from those sources. It also includes recommendations based on the Review results.