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March 11 All College Meeting

Thank you to everyone who joined yesterday (March 11) for our March All College Meeting. Despite the uncertainty in our lives and the unconventional end to the term, over 60 people logged in via Zoom and another dozen practiced social distancing in Gould 110. See links at bottom of this post for slides and other important information.

A special thanks to leaders and members of the 11 task groups who have been working hard to research and prepare deliverables. This strategic planning process would frankly not be possible without their dedication and work.

COVID-19 Update: Dean Renée Cheng gave a short update on the College’s response and current actions on COVID-19. Follow the latest on College plans at You can also email with questions and concerns.

Task Group Reports: Each task group gave a short presentation on their second deliverable with a focus on the strategies they consider “most impactful.” Note: see groups full deliverable #2 reports for a list of all their strategies/actions as well as ideas for measurement.

Develop 3-5 specific action recommendations, each tied to a goal and strategy.
How will we get to the goals? What specific actions are required?

Define how CBE should measure progress to the specific goals.
What metrics or KPIs (key performance indicators) can CBE use to measure progress toward your goal(s)?

Writing + Review Process: The Facilitation Team also provided a short overview on next steps in strategic planning process as we move to the writing phase.

Significantly, the Facilitation Team is looking for task group volunteers.


    • 2 representatives from each task group
    • RSVP to Susanne Adamson ( by March 20


    • 1 representative from each task group
    • work will primarily take place in first half of May
    • email with your representative by April 6