EDI Workshops

CBE Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Training Videos

Part 1: CBE Initiative on IDI – Context and Strategy

Part 2: Intercultural Competence and the IDI

Part 3: IDI Group Results – CBE’s Level of Intercultural Competence

 Special Topic Videos for Faculty & Staff

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) in times of crisis

Working with discomfort online

EDI practices online

Supporting students during crisis: Emerging needs and concerns

Supporting students during crisis: Steps toward agency

Supporting students during crisis: rethinking academic and social goals

Investing in EDI & growth on the intercultural continuum

Continuing the EDI conversation

SpecialTopic Videos for Students

Part 1: Building Intercultural Competence

Part 2: Equity, Diversity + Inclusion Q&A with Dean Renee Cheng