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Strategic Framework

The College of Built Environments is putting the newly adopted Strategic Framework into action.

Our New Strategic Framework

This 2021-2026 Strategic Framework is the culmination of a robust and highly collaborative process that expands our ambitions as a college, reflects our vision and our work, reflects our common goals, and acts as a framework for action. This Strategic Framework describes a vision for elevating CBE’s excellent work to reach even higher levels of quality that are ever more broadly recognized. The Framework is nuanced to reflect the diverse range of our complementary methodologies and disciplines, yet we propose a singular focus:  working collaboratively across our disciplines to realize a more just and beautiful world. 

Current Framework

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Framework Summary

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Our Vision, Mission, Pillars


Our Vision

CBE imagines a just and beautiful world where we teach, research, and engage to influence the trajectories of climate change, social justice, and human health,  by defining built environments as complex interconnections between constructed and natural worlds and their impacts on society. 

Our Mission

CBE believes in:

Education that expands students’ knowledge by tapping into professional expertise to ground in disciplinary strength while confidently crossing boundaries to tackle broad social and personal concerns. 

Research that accelerates knowledge that drives action, and cultivates bold thought leadership grounded in historical perspectives, evidence-based approaches, technological innovation, and creative design thinking across the disciplines of the built environment.

Engagement that co-creates processes for planning, designing, building, and investing in environments by welcoming expertise of citizens/community members and others with diverse backgrounds and a wide range of lived experiences.

Our Pillars

CBE is guided by three pillars: collaboration and impact, bold thought leadership, and equitable and just practices.


Our Implementation

As we shift to implementation, continuing and expanding engagement will be critical to our success. Working groups have been finalized and are starting to implement their plans.
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Creating the Framework


See our process for creating the Strategic Framework.