Biochar: Coral Reef of the Soil

Hands palm up, wood pellets in left, black carbon pellets in right
Photo: Justin Roberts

For students at the University of Washington, discovering their academic and career passions is a journey of exploration, opportunity and learning. Justin Roberts knows this well. Justin is a third-year master of Landscape Architecture student. He spent a quarter abroad in Sweden as part of the  Valle Scholarship & Scandinavian Exchange Program, which funds student exchanges between the UW and Nordic countries. He is also the author of his new book, “Metabolic Matters: An Urban Designer’s Guide to Biochar,” where he explores how biochar, an incredibly sustainable material that can be made from any organic substance, can be used to tackle some of the most difficult challenges facing humans and ecosystems across the globe. This book was inspired by the many journeys Justin has taken in his life as a student, emerging landscape architect and passionate proponent of adopting more holistically sustainable practices into landscape design.

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