CBE COVID-19 Information

Updated April 26, 2021

All Washington residents age 16 and up are eligible to be vaccinated at no cost.
Appointments available at UW Medicine and many other providers. Learn more.

These pages provide information and tools to help the CBE community address the COVID-19 outbreak. While the College of Built Environments follows all advice and directives set forth by the University of Washington broadly, this site is meant to help with information on local impacts to mission-driven activities of teaching, research, service, and related resources that directly impact our built environments community for faculty, staff and students.

  • Bothell and Seattle campuses: Phase 3

  • Tacoma campus:  Phase 2

This spring, most courses will continue to be held online. The state moving to Phase 3 of its recovery plan allows us to do more in person, though its requirement for six feet of distancing in classrooms, study areas and other facilities continues to limit most in-person instruction and group gatherings.

The UW’s 2021 commencement ceremonies will be held virtually, including all college, school and department graduation celebrations.  We know the lack of an in-person commencement is disappointing news for our 2021 graduates, as well as for the 2020 graduates whom we’d hoped to be able to recognize at an in-person ceremony this year. We are working on additional opportunities to celebrate our graduates during the traditional spring timeframe, as well as to recognize the achievements of the Class of 2020 and the Class of 2021 in the future, and will share details later this quarter.  However, we do intend to safely return to largely in-person instruction this fall.

Information and resources for students and for staff, faculty and other academic personnel are available, and UW BothellUW Tacoma and UW Medicine also offer additional resources specific to their communities.

We can save lives and stop COVID-19 if each of us does our part. If you are sick with any illness, you must stay home, even if you’ve been fully vaccinated.


UW COVID-19 Information and Resources

CBE COVID-19 Information and Resources

  • PPE A limited amount of Personal Protective Equipment (masks, face shields, gloves) is available by prior arrangement from the Dean’s Office. Contact CBE Facilities Coordinator Meegan Amen, meegan@uw.edu for assistance.
  • Cleaning Supplies Cleaning supplies (cleaner, paper towels, disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer) are available in each classroom, lab, studio, and office suite. Please take only what you need. Please contact Meegan Amen (meegan@uw.edu) if supplies in a particular room are running low.
  • Custodial Services Cleaning Process UW’s Coronavirus FAQ contains a University Operations section which addresses the UW’s cleaning process. UW Building Services has also created a video describing the UW’s cleaning process for campus spaces.
  • Desk Banks To address the needs of CBE students, especially those (e.g. in studios) who need dedicated workspace, the College has a limited number of desks in Gould Hall which can be assigned to students for the quarter. Students are responsible for cleaning their desks, and must comply with UW masking and distancing rules. Cleaning supplies are available in each desk bank room. Students are advised by UW EH&S to plan to cover their assigned desk and its contents with a plastic sheet (e.g. shower curtain liner) when they’re not using their desk.If you are a CBE student (CBE grad student or major in a CBE department), and have not already received a link to the Winter quarter desk application, please contact your adviser.
  • CBE Student Loaner Laptops The College has a very small number of laptops formerly in the BE Library loaner pool that are available for loan through the end of Winter quarter. Since there are so few laptops, and there are other ways to gain access to CBE software (visit the Digital Commons, remote into powerful lab computers using the Citrix Application Server or the new CBE Remote service) it is important to allocate these laptops to students with the most challenging situations. Please email CBE Computing (be-help@uw.edu) to discuss options.An alternative to a CBE loaner laptop is a laptop from the UW’s centrally-managed Student Technology Loan Program. This service has laptops and tablets available for loan to students for the duration of Winter quarter. While these devices do not have the Adobe Suite and are generally not powerful enough to run CBE software, they can provide a way for students to access CBE’s Citrix Application Server and use the CBE Remote service. The CBE Remote service includes access to the Adobe Suite on more powerful desktop computers.
  • Other Loaner Equipment The College also has other (non-laptop) equipment formerly in the BE Library loaner pool, including cameras, sound meters, light meters, and digital audio recorders. Loan times for these are one week. Please email CBE Computing (be-help@uw.edu) to arrange an equipment loan.Alternatively, the UW’s Student Technology Loan Program has some non-laptop equipment available for loan to UW students.
  • Digital Commons The Digital Commons computing lab in the basement of Gould Hall will be open for use by CBE students and other UW students taking CBE classes. The Digital Commons Classroom will be closed both to address sanitation and distancing issues, and to allow those computers to be dedicated to remote class use via the CBE Remote access service. To maintain appropriate distancing, in-person capacity of the Digital Commons will be reduced to approximately 16 physically-available workstations. Cleaning supplies are available at the help desk and around the lab. Lab users must use available wipes and cleaner to sanitize their workstation area before and after use.The Digital Commons help desk will have very limited on-site staffing. Please check the Digital Commons page for staffing details, or email be-help@uw.edu to schedule a time to visit if you need in-person help.
  • Archnet The Archnet printer/plotter room, Architecture Hall G51, will be open to CBE students. Since maintaining physical distancing in such a small room is difficult, only one person in addition to the Archnet Manager will be able to use the room at a time. One workstation will be available to send jobs to the Archnet printers and plotters. Students are therefore strongly encouraged to connect their laptops to Archnet printers to limit their need to be in the Archnet space. Cleaning supplies are available; Archnet users must use the available wipes and cleaner to sanitize the workstation and any other equipment that is used. Please email Archnet (archnet@uw.edu) with any questions.
  • Service Bureaus To provide laser cutting and 3D printing, CBE will continue the service bureaus established during Spring quarter 2020. There will be a charge for service bureau products to partly recover materials costs. To facilitate no-contact payment and pickup, there will be an online credit card payment form and a pickup location in Gould Court. Details for submitting jobs to the laser cutter and 3D printer service bureaus are available on the Fabrication Labs page.
  • LIMITED Laser Cutter Access To accommodate trained students who prefer to use the laser cutters themselves, we have worked with UW Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) to develop a set of protocols allowing limited physical access to one laser cutter in Gould 350.During Winter Quarter, the RED laser cutter in Gould 350 will be available to CBE students who have completed CBE laser training. New users will not be trained until COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. More information on this new service is available on the Fabrication Labs page.
  • BE Library Please see the UW Libraries Student FAQ for Fall 2020 for information on library access.
  • COVID-19 + Admissions FAQ Information for Graduate, International, Prospective, and Undergraduate Students is available at http://intranet.be.uw.edu/students/faqs/.

Information and Resources from outside UW

Online Teaching Tools

Prepare for when classes can’t meet: itconnect.uw.edu/learn/prepare/

Working Remotely: https://itconnect.uw.edu/work/working-remotely/

CBE Online Learning Resources: http://intranet.be.uw.edu/timely-resources/

Technologies that are currently available for you are listed below with some training guides and links:

Grading Policies and Guidelines

The Registrar’s Office has a COVID-19 FAQ page, which contains a Grading section approximately 40% of the way down the page that addresses a number of questions.

CBE Contacts

Academics: Vikramditya Prakash: t: 206-616-9091, e: vprakash@uw.edu

Finance/Administration: Rachel Ward: t: 206-616-2440, e: wardrm@uw.edu

HR: Gary Winchester: t: 206-685-9369, e: winchga@uw.edu

Operations/IT/COVID issues (CBE COVID Site Supervisor): Mark Baratta: t: 206-543-4872, e: baratta@uw.edu

Facilities/COVID issues (Backup CBE COVID Site Supervisor): Meegan Amen: t: 206-616-2439, e: meegan@uw.edu