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Benjamin F. McAdoo’s lasting legacy as an architect and activist

Associate Professor Tyler Sprague and senior architecture student Sierra Miles discuss the Benjamin McAdoo Research Collective, which seeks to share and cultivate appreciation for the work of Benjamin F. McAdoo, the first registered Black architect in Washington. | Seattle Times

Row of 3 houses

Homeless in America

The homelessness crisis continues to get worse. Gregg Colburn, assistant professor of real estate, discusses his research on why we see variation in homelessness across U.S. cities. | The New York Times

Marty Brennan

Alumni Spotlight: Marty Brennan

We talked with ZGF Sustainability Lead and UW alumni Marty Brennan to discuss his pathway into architecture and the innovative work emerging from the Applied Research Consortium.

Cause of homelessness? It’s not drugs or mental illness, researchers say

As more cities search for explanations and solutions to homelessness, leaders look to data. Gregg Colburn, assistant professor of real estate, is quoted. | Los Angeles Times

Soda bottles and cans on the store shelves

Sweetened beverage taxes produce net economic benefits for lower-income communities

New research from the University of Washington, published June 2 in Food Policy, addressed equity issues surrounding sweetened beverage taxes by examining the economic equity impacts of sweetened beverage taxes in three cities: Seattle, San Francisco and Philadelphia. Philip Hurvitz, affiliate associate professor of urban design and planning is a co-author. | UW News