Gould Gallery

Mind’s Eye Sketchbook: Celebrating 50 years of art and observation by John Owen

Gallery exhibit hours:
November 18–December 3, 2021
M-F 12–5 pm

John Owen, artist, urban designer, architect, planner, and storyteller, is Partner Emeritus at MAKERS architecture and urban design. As a constant observer, critic, and thinker, he has dedicated his life to understanding the human experience, natural systems, and cultural change and applying his observations to help create people-oriented places that foster healthy ecological systems. From his UW architecture thesis analyzing the evolution of Seattle’s popular house types, to the seminal street design for the then struggling Ballard Ave and Capitol Hill’s Broadway, to helping rural communities through early growth management planning, to transit station and neighborhood design and planning, to incorporating design ideas based on behavioral science into the region’s first sets of design guidelines, to helping to develop Washington State’s Shoreline Management Act Rules, to planning for regional open space systems, he has led the urban design field in the Pacific Northwest for nearly 50 years.

This show provides a glimpse into John’s art. His sketches and renderings span the breadth of city, architecture, and natural systems observation as well as cultural critiques and celebrations over decades. It offers a rare opportunity to see John’s process and progress behind the scenes as he led the urban design profession in the Pacific Northwest. He is proud to participate in this event benefiting the UDP Equity Fund, which provides scholarships to deserving BIPOC students and helps to racially diversify our professional community.