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Gould Gallery

O(U)R Experience

Gallery exhibit hours:
March 25–April 26, 2024
M–F 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
closed Saturdays and Sundays

Opening Reception

Wednesday, April 3, 2024
5:30 pm

Come and immerse yourself in the world of speculative futures. This experience features the work of the Office of (Un)certainty Research, a speculative futures practice responding to the climate crisis through a transdisciplinary imagination that seeks to connect the sciences and humanities to the disciplines of the built environment.

Professors Vikramaditya Prakash (University of Washington, Architecture) and Mark M. Jarzombek (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, History Theory + Criticism) are the co-design leads.

Explore six projects:

  • Cenotaph for Niels Bohr, on quantum entanglement and the two-slit experiment.
  • 1×1 Land Acknowledgement Design Challenge, seeks to extend this issue into design and property ownership.
  • D.I.A.N.A [Designing Insidious Alternative Architecture], a digital data virus critique of AI in the form of a mockumentary
  • A House Deconstructed, documents the ultimate source of the materials and processes of a recent house built in Seattle. [Shown at Venice Biennale]
  • Tirtha: A Human Body Composting Temple, develops new rituals and practices for the now legal practice in WA of composting human remains. [Shown at ECC, Venice]
  • Kishkindha NY, a multi-species city imagined as an inhabited forest building on a concept found in the Hindu epic The Ramayana. [Shown at ECC, Venice]