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Women in construction management: charting a path forward

As the industry celebrates Women in Construction Week, it’s a great time for us to reflect on the progress that has been made to date and look ahead to what needs to be done to continue advancing the representation and participation of women in our industry. Hear from UW faculty Darlene Septelka and Lingzi Wu.

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Alumni Profile

Prutha Chiddarwar graduated with a Master of Science in Construction Management in December 2020. In this interview, she discusses her transition from architecture to construction management and describes the current work she does as an estimator in pre-construction.

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  • Designing with Intention: Three Generations of Black Architects

    In this panel discussion "Designing With Intention", speakers Donald King, Meredith Everest, and Whitney Lewis represent three generations of Black architects in the Pacific Northwest and discuss how the creation of some of Seattle's most important landmarks continues to pushback against industry norms. Explore their perspectives and learn more by viewing the panel here.  

  • Women in Construction Management: Charting a Path Forward

    UW's Darlene Septelka and Lingzi Wu highlight the complications of more women in construction industries, including pay disparities by gender, occupational differences, impact of university pipelines, and more. Check out their perspectives in this article:

  • Tim Lehman and the Regeneration of the Daybreak Star Property

    In 2021, Tim Lehman, a landscape designer of Northern Arapaho descent, was hired to improve drainage conditions on the Daybreak Star property. Learn more in this article from Landscape Architecture Magazine.

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