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Welcome home, Huskies

We all live in built environments. They’re the places we live, work, gather, and travel. In the College of Built Environments, students and faculty in five comprehensive programs of study – architecture, construction management, landscape architecture, real estate, and urban design and planning – collaborate to answer some of the most pressing questions about how humans shape and interact with nature.

Our diverse programs help students find meaningful work that touches just about every aspect of human life. We’re developing the innovative materials and vibrant communities of the future. And we’re working with an eye towards social and environmental justice. Join us.

Future Leaders: You're right where you belong.

Seattle has been called a state of mind. You can call it home. It’s a place where faculty, students, and alumni work with local communities and beyond to create more beautiful, equitable, and just built environments. It’s an innovative city where opportunities to test your skills abound. You may travel far from Seattle after graduation, but your time here will stay with you forever.

Build Your Future

  • Tsunami preparedness in WA

    Westport coastline

    CBE and the University of Washington have been working with Westport and their neighbors to help them face the threat of tsunamis head-on. | The Seattle Times

  • New research aims to reduce fatal bird collisions on campus

    A robin sitting in a bush

    College of Built Environments Ph.D. researcher Judy Bowes has been featured in a story, entitled “New research aims to reduce fatal bird collisions on campus” on UW News highlighting her project work. The video below dives into her work. Read the full story on UW News.

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