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Happy Year of the Rabbit

Lunar New Year is one of the most important celebrations of the year in East and Southeast Asian cultures, including Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean communities, among others.

Chinese New Year, Vietnamese Tet, Korean Seollal, Tibetan Losar, all celebrate spring’s arrival and the beginning of a new year based on the lunisolar calendar. Traditionally, celebrations last 15 days, ending on the date of the full moon. Long ago this was a time to celebrate heavenly deities and ancestors, and it has become a time to feast and visit family members.

2023, widely recognized as the “Year of the Rabbit”, is predicted to be a year of hope. The rabbit symbolizes longevity, peace, and prosperity in Chinese culture. In Vietnam, 2023 is recognized as the “Year of the Cat.” Learn more about the two and the zodiac calendar here.

Seattle’s Chinatown-International District has persisted as an important neighborhood to new immigrants and their American-born descendants. Diane Sugimura, Runstad Advisory Board member and Co-Chair of the Runstad Advisory Board EDI Committee, shares with us the history of the pan-Asian community in Seattle and her hope for the future. Read her reflection here.

Check out the many events happening around town over the next two weeks, including the International District, Bellevue, and other spots around Seattle.

Learn more about the History of Chinese New Year on this great website hosted by Columbia University.

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