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Three CBE students named to 2023 Husky 100

Congratulations to the CBE students recognized as part of this year’s Husky 100 — Ari Lazowski, Jacquelyn Crane, and Dana Austin Bass!

The Husky 100 include undergraduates and graduate students who have founded start-ups, created artwork, served as mentors, conducted research and advocated for social justice. They work on our campuses and in our communities. They are leaders and innovators. And they are all actively connecting what happens inside and outside of the classroom and apply what they learn to make a difference on our campuses, in their communities and for the future.


Jacquelyn Crane, Master of Architecture, Sustainable Systems and Design emphasis; Design Computing Graduate Certificate

“Hello, my name is Jacquelyn Crane and I came to UW with the intention of engaging in research specifically exploring indigenous building practices and combining them with evolving sustainable technologies to design architecture informed by indigenous understandings of the relationship between built and natural environments. As a Native American (Cowlitz/Chinook) woman, I seek to bring indigenous perspectives to the forefront of the architectural discipline; I am passionate about inequality situated in the built environment, acts of climate justice via architectural design, promoting community-driven design, and advocating for positive social change. My experience at UW has exposed me to some incredible people with similar research interests as me and has solidified my passion for working with indigenous communities to design sustainable and culturally-informed projects to advance quality of life and cultural representation in the built environment.”




Dana Austin Bass, Master of Architecture; Graduate Certificate in Housing Studies; B.A. Architectural Design; B.S. Real Estate Dana Austin Bass
Urban Design and Planning

“Growing up in a Filipino-American household, I was taught to value “Komunidad” (the Kapampangan word for community) and “Bayanihan” (translated as “community spirit”) – helping others without the expectation of anything in return. During my journey at UW, I have been inspired by my family’s values to give back to my Komunidad as a mentor and teacher of dozens of students ranging from K-12 students learning about architecture for the first time or applying to colleges, to college students applying to their majors or graduate schools. As a Master of Architecture student, future Architect, and leader of my Architectural and cultural communities, I hope to advocate for equity and uplift underserved people by providing resources and combating social injustices, while designing socially responsible architecture!”




Ari Lazowski, B.S. Construction Management; B.S. Real Estate Ari Lazowski

“People don’t always associate construction and compassion– but my path at UW has been built on both. Construction is the possibility of new worlds, those worlds are more promising through ripples of kindness, perseverance, and community. I believe UW has strengthened my faith in all of these, guiding my path forward.”