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Eight honored with CBE Distinguished Faculty Award for Lifetime Achievement

We are pleased to announce the eight individuals who have been selected to receive the 2023 CBE Distinguished Faculty Award for Lifetime Achievement. This award recognizes faculty members who have made important contributions to their field and also have had significant impact on the CBE community of faculty, staff, and students. It recognizes that the distinction of CBE rests in large part on the work of individual faculty members and the recognition that they achieve, as well as the achievements of the students that they teach and mentor. 

“Congratulations to these remarkable individuals whose sustained commitment to their research or practice, and passion for excellence, has left an indelible mark on our college community and the built environment,” said Renée Cheng, John and Rosalind Jacobi Family Endowed Dean of the College of Built Environments. 

The honorees are listed in the order of the date each joined the faculty of a department.

2023 Honorees

Dr. Richard (Dick) Ludwig, member of the faculty, 1971-2007; UW graduate 1965; UW Faculty Legislative representative in Olympia from 1999-2002; noted international planner with work for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP);  founding member ACSP (Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning); Director, Ph.D. in Planning (now interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Planning), 1972-1987

Dr. Anne Vernez Moudon, member of the faculty 1981-2015; noted urbanist/researcher; professor of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Urban Design & Planning; adjunct professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and of Public Health; Director of the Urban Form Lab (UFL) 1994-present; leader in Urban Design Certificate program teaching the Urban Form class for 3 decades; Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and of Applied Research, 1992-1998; Director Interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Urban Design & Planning 1998-2000; founding member International Seminar on Urban Morphology (ISUF); author of many books and articles.  

Astra Zarina, member of the faculty 1984-1994; Created the University of Washington Italian Studies programs; Founding Director, UW Rome Center; professor of Urban Design & Planning; and co-founder of the Civita Institute. First woman to receive the Rome Prize in Architecture, followed by a Fulbright Fellowship.

Francis D.K. Ching, member of the faculty 1985-2011; noted teacher of architectural graphics; core teacher of introductory architecture classes for undergraduates; internationally known author of twelve books (many in multiple editions, translated into multiple languages) addressing architectural graphics, building codes, composition, construction and architectural history; handwriting adopted by Adobe widely used as Tekton. Honorary Doctorate from Nottingham-Trent University, Cooper Hewitt National Design Award, and AIA Institute Honors for Collaborative Achievement.

David E. Miller, member of the faculty 1985-2019; founding partner of Miller|Hull Architects, internationally known award-winning architectural practice, AIA National Firm Award in 2003; teacher of graduate level design studios and related courses; author of book on regionalism and architecture; Chair, Department of Architecture 2007-2015; recipient of AIA Seattle Chapter Medal 2010 and AIA Northwest and Pacific Region Medal of Honor 2016. 

George Rolfe, member of the faculty 1985-2017; first Director of the Pike Place Market Public Development Authority 1974-1979; helped establish Plymouth Housing, non-profit developer of affordable housing; faculty member teaching urban design, real estate and construction—first to offer real estate classes in the College; Director of the Runstad Center for Real Estate Studies 2008-2013. 

John Schaufelberger, member of the faculty 1994-2021; thirty years as an officer in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; noted instructor of construction management; Chair, Department of Construction Management 2002-2014; Dean, UW College of Built Environments 2012-2019; author of numerous books on topics in construction management; inducted National Academy of Construction 2009; recipient Associated Schools of Construction Lifetime Achievement Award 2021.

Robert (Bob) Mugerauer, member of the faculty 2000-2020; previously faculty member at University of Texas-Austin; Dean, St. Edward’s University, and Grand Valley State College, as well as Dean, St. Edward’s University; Dean, UW College of Built Environments 2000-2006; founder and Director of BE Ph.D. program 2002-2019; founding co-editor of Environmental and Architectural Phenomenology newsletter; founding member, International Association for Philosophy and the Environment (IAEP); Steering Committee member, International Association for the Study of Traditional Environments (IASTE).