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CBE Diversity Council


The mission of the CBE Diversity Council is to guide the College in matters of social justice, diversity, equity and inclusion, to offer resources to students, staff, and faculty around those issues, and to foster a supportive and inclusive environment in which all members of the college community can thrive. 

Our core values are social justice, diversity, equity and inclusion, defined below. We are guided by these values and an ethic based on treating one another with dignity and respect as fellow humans. 

Our goals are to create a diverse and supportive work and learning environment for all CBE community members. We seek to do this by supporting the five departments and research labs and centers within the college in their efforts to address justice, equity, diversity and inclusion in the delivery of their educational and research programs. 

Core Values Definition
Social Justice Social justice is the view that everyone deserves equal economic, political and social rights and opportunities.* It is not only about the fair distribution of opportunities and privileges (distributive justice) but also in the processes in which our work is carried out (procedural justice). 
Diversity  Diversity is about the ways in which people differ. It encompasses all the characteristics that make an individual or group different from another. It includes diversity according to race, ethnicity, gender identity & expression, sexual orientation, marital/family status, physical ability, socio-economic class, education, age, religion, place of origin, language, neurological difference, size/appearance and a variety of different ways of thinking and being in the world.§ The CBE Diversity Council seeks to recognize, embrace and honor this diversity among its members.
Equity Equity is one part of social justice. Equity is the “just and fair inclusion into a society in which all can participate, prosper, and reach their full potential.” It means unlocking the promise of the larger community/society by unleashing the promise in us all.
Inclusion Authentically bringing traditionally excluded individuals and/or groups into processes, activities and decision-policymaking in a way that shares power and resources.§

* Source: National Association of Social Workers
§ Source: adapted from
Source: PolicyLink



We envision a more equitable and diverse College of Built Environments that acknowledges historical and present-day institutional racism and various forms of oppression. We strive to be a college that centers justice, inclusivity, access, and collaboration and build a culture of trust where people are seen, heard, and valued as part of the CBE community.


Note: The content on this page and forthcoming EDI Strategic Plan that the Diversity Council is developing in Academic Year 2021-22 are both living documents that will continually evolve. Please check back regularly.


2022-23 CBE Diversity Council Members

Laura Barrera – Co-Chair – Staff, Adv/Dean’s Office

Claudine Manio – Staff, Architecture

Donald King – Faculty, Architecture

Kana Takagi – Student, Architecture

Dana Austin Bass – Student, Architecture

Shanna Sukol – Staff, Architecture

Allen Jennings – Staff, CBE Computing

Kat Golladay – Student, Landscape Architecture

Lynne Manzo – Co-Chair – Faculty, Landscape Architecture

Jen Davison – Staff, Office of Research

Melissa Best – Staff, Real Estate

Vince Wang – Faculty, Real Estate

Branden Born – Faculty, Urban Design & Planning

Megan Herzog – Staff, Urban Design & Planning

Kakai Bojang – Student, Urban Design & Planning

Rachel Faber Machacha – Staff, Construction Management

Carrie Sturts Dossick – Faculty, Construction Management

Ivy Singh – Student – Construction Management

Mingrui (Ray) Jia – Student, Landscape Architecture

Ciara Laney – Student, Real Estate


2021 – 22 CBE Diversity Council Members

Dana Bass – Student Representative, Real Estate

Melissa Best – Staff, Real Estate

Branden Born – Faculty, Urban Design & Planning

Jen Davison – Staff, CBE Office of Research/Urban@UW

Even Gebru – Student Representative, Construction Management

Katrina Golladay – Student Representative, Landscape Architecture

Megan Herzog – Staff, Urban Design & Planning

Allen Jennings – Staff, IT/Dean’s Office

Donald King – Faculty, Architecture,

Claudine Manio – Staff, Architecture

Maimoona Rahim – Student Representative, Urban Design & Planning

Shanna Sukol – Staff, Architecture

Kana Takagi – Student Representative, Architecture

Lynne Manzo, Co-Chair – Faculty, Landscape Architecture

Laura Barrera, Co-Chair – Staff, Adv/Dean’s Office

Have questions? Contact the Diversity Council co-chairs at