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Our EDI Resources for Faculty, Staff, and Students

The CBE EDI Initiative has included a variety of workshops to provide tools and build skills tailored specifically to the needs of faculty and staff, resources below.

Resources for Faculty & Staff

CBE Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Training Videos

The College of Built Environments launched a college-wide initiative on equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI). EDI has been identified as one of the key priorities for the college, the University and professional communities. The EDI initiative is a partnership with the University’s Office of Minority and Diversity and Undergraduate Academic Affairs. The University hopes to learn from the CBE approach and create a model for achieving University-wide goals on equity and diversity.

The initiative is focused on measuring and building intercultural competency across the College. Intercultural competence is the ability to accurately understand and effectively adapt to differences. It reflects the degree to which differences in values, expectations, beliefs, and behaviors are effectively bridged in order to achieve learning, research, and workplace objectives. This approach to EDI has been shown to be one of the most effective ways to achieve EDI goals and has been adopted globally across sectors and higher education institutions.

A summary of the initiative and its components are summarized in the appendix to this report. This report provides an interim summary and key points from the focus groups.

 Special Topic Videos for Faculty & Staff


Resources for Students

The first resource for students can be found at the department level. Advisers are well versed in a number of resources available to students. Students with specific concerns or ideas to share are also welcome to schedule time with the Dean during Office hours. You can contact Brittany Faulkner at for more information.

Special Topic Videos for Students

University of Washington Resources

We encourage all members of the College to use these resources as a springboard for further learning about anti-racist and anti-discriminatory practices and to foster greater diversity and inclusion in your work.

Other Resources & Readings

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