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Apply to B E 600 for Applied Research Consortium

Apply for B E 600 B credits for Applied Research Consortium (ARC) work. Once complete we will forward the form to your proposed faculty supervisor and your program adviser then get back to you with an entry code.

If you don’t hear from us in a timely manner, please contact Teri Thomson Randall, Program Director, Community Engagement, College of Built Environments, and/or Neile Graham, Program Operations Specialist, College of Built Environments,

For more information about the ARC program, contact Teri Thomson Randall,

B E 600 ARC form

  • Who is the adviser for your degree program?
  • Credits can be from 1-6, and can vary in different quarters.
  • Please be sure the faculty member involved is prepared to supervise this experience for you.
  • The private firm that you will be doing the research with.
  • Describe the work you will be doing over the course of the quarter in a sentence or two (500 character maximum)