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Admissions & Application Form

The certificate program is open to all matriculated and non-matriculated graduate students at the University of Washington. Applications will be accepted twice per year, in Autumn and Spring quarter.

Admission preference will be given to those in fields relevant to historic preservation, such as: planning, architecture, landscape architecture, history, geography, public policy, and museology.

Applicants should complete and submit the form below. Potential students who are not UW graduate students will need to apply to the University of Washington Graduate School.

Students should apply and be admitted before taking the core courses if they would like to receive the certificate. However, if they have already taken relevant courses and later decide to pursue the certificate, they may still apply.

The program also welcomes students who do not wish to pursue the certificate, but who want to take preservation courses and/or have a general interest in the field. Anyone interested in preservation is welcome on the program’s email list to hear about preservation courses, events, and opportunities. Contact to request addition to the email list.

Completing and submitting this form will admit you to the program. If you later decide not to complete the program or change from one certificate to the other, you will need to inform the program office as soon as possible.

  • All UW graduate students are eligible for the Graduate Certificate in Historic Preservation. The College of Built Environments certificate is open to BLA students.
  • Optional. Format as (###)###-####.
  • Please list: college or university name, dates attended, field of study, degree (title & date) for your 3 most recent educational institutions attended. You do not need to include the UW unless you received an additional degree here.
  • Briefly list any coursework taken in areas related to historic preservation at institutions/programs other than UW.
  • Briefly describe any preservation background other than college/university education (occupational or volunteer experience, independent study, continuing education, etc.).
  • Briefly describe your objectives in undertaking this work in historic preservation. What do you want to accomplish?
  • Briefly describe the area(s) of historic preservation you want to emphasize while completing the certificate.
  • Please add anything additional you think would be useful for us to know about you and your interest in historic preservation.

Questions about the Historic Preservation Program? Email