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Urban Design Certificate Program application form

Urban Design Certificate Program Letter of Interest

Completing and submitting this form will admit you to the program. If you later decide not to complete the program or change from one certificate to the other, you will need to inform the program office as soon as possible.

  • For those who cannot choose from the drop-down program list above, please explain your program affiliation or status. Note that non-CBE students cannot officially receive the certificate but can receive a letter of recognition upon completion of requirements.
  • Optional
  • If you entered an optional email address, please indicate which one is your preferred email address
  • Optional. Format as (###)###-####.
  • Please list: college or university name, dates attended, field of study, degree (title & date) for your 3 most recent educational institutions attended. You do not need to include the UW unless you received an additional degree here.
  • Briefly list any coursework taken in areas related to urban design at institutions/programs other than UW.
  • Briefly describe any urban design background other than college/university education (occupational or volunteer experience, independent study, continuing education, etc.).
  • Briefly describe your objectives in undertaking this work in urban design. What do you want to accomplish?
  • Briefly describe the area(s) of urban design you want to emphasize while completing the certificate.
  • Please add anything additional you think it would be useful for us to know about you and your interest in urban design.