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Archnet is a design studio technology services group within the College of Built Environments. Archnet provides technology and design studio computing resources, supporting Windows and Mac OS design studio workstations, personal computers, design applications, scanners, printers, and plotters to the CBE community. The Archnet help desk, printers, and plotters are located in Architecture Hall, room G51.

Archnet is available 24/7 to CBE faculty, staff and matriculating students in a CBE degree program and is accessible with your Husky Card.

Please see your department administrator if your Husky Card does not work to confirm your eligibility.

In-person assistance is not currently available. For support, please make an appointment by emailing us (

6 iMacs setup with Windows 10 and Mac OS X
Scanners: standard letter, tabloid (11×17)
Printers: black & white laserjet; color laserjet; Both provide two-sided
printing(duplex) on both letter and tabloid(11×17) paper
Plotters: 1 loaded with 36-inch wide coated paper, 1 loaded with 42-inch semi-gloss photo paper, and 1 loaded with both 42-inch heavy matte paper and 36-inch backlit film

Archnet staff also support the following equipment in the Arch Hall design studios:
2 iMacs per studio, setupwith Windows 10 and Mac OS X (22 total)
1 scanner per studio either tabloid or letter size
4 in-studio printers – black & white letter printing only, duplex available

File Storage Policies
Files stored directly on Architecture Hall computers can be deleted at any time. Architecture Hall computers are only for temporary storage of files that are backed up in another location. Back-up files to personal disks, CDs, DVDs, jump drives, your U-drive, cloud storage, or other long-term archive media for safe storage. You are responsible for keeping copies of your work.

For detailed instructions on printing from within specific programs, please review the guides listed below. We recommend that AutoCAD or GIS files be converted into PDF for printing.

Plotting from Acrobat on a Mac
Plotting from Acrobat on a PC
Plotting from InDesign on a Mac
Plotting from InDesign on a PC

Laptop Printing

Personal computers can be set up to print to the Archnet printers and plotters. To do so you will need a current Archnet account, and have access to a local Administrators account on the computer you wish to install the devices on. Instructions for the supported operating systems are linked below.

Windows XP
Windows Vista-10
Mac OS X pre 10.5 (Tiger)
Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)-10.6 (Snow Leopard)
Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion)-10.10 (Yosemite)

If you are familiar with the Archnet printer installation process (from having done one of the above installations, for example), and have an Archnet In-Studio Printer in your studio, here are instructions for installing it:

In-Studio Printers – Windows
In-Studio Printers – MacOS

HP Printer Drivers for the Mac can be downloaded from  You may also find useful.

OSX users running the newest version, Big Sur, should follow the instructions available at in order to download and install the printer drivers you will need.

Note that duplex printing offers a 10% discount per page.

Printer Types and Cost
Queue Name Printer Model Page Size Media Cost per Page
BW Laserjet HP LaserJet 5200 dtn PostScript 8.5″ x 11″


100 % recycled color copy $0.10
11″ x 17″


100 % recycled color copy $0.18
Color Laserjet HP Color LaserJet M750 8.5″ x 11″


100 % recycled color copy $0.75
11″ x 17″


100 % recycled color copy $1.50
Plotter Types and Cost
Queue Name Plotter Model Plot Width Media Cost per Plot
MATTE 42 WIDE HP DesignJet T7100ps Max 42″ coated heavyweight matte $14.00
Max 36″ mylar* $14.00
GLOSSY 42 WIDE HP DesignJet T1120ps 44″ Max 42″ semi-gloss photopaper $14.00
FAST 36 WIDE HP DesignJet T7100ps Max 36″ coated matte $6.00

*When using mylar (backlit film) always consult with Archnet staff ( before sending your job order to print.

Before printing in Archnet, transfer funds to a printing balance linked to your NetID.  You can add to this balance using funds transferred from your Husky Card Account to your Archnet printing balance.  This must be done in person, using your Husky Card.  Since the Archnet Office is not currently staffed, please send an email to to arrange a time for you to visit the office (in Architecture Hall G051) to do the funds transfer.  Once funds have been moved to your Archnet printing balance, printing charges will be debited from this balance, which rolls over between quarters.

You may obtain a refund of any unused money on your Archnet account to your Husky Card Account during Finals week or breaks between quarters. Please send an email to for more details and to arrange this.