Open Lab Hours

Open lab hours are times when students, staff, faculty can use the Fabrication Labs. No Appointment necessary. View the Open Lab calendar below for times.

*A wood lab certification is required for usage of stationary power tools in the wood lab (miter saw, sanders, bandsaws, table saw, etc.).  What is that? Interested in signing up? Click here.

We have two types of Open Hours:

Hand tools only:

Open Hours w/ space usage and hand tool usage only

Supervised by student employees

  • Great time for project planning, measuring and making your material, as well as sanding and finishing and other hand tool usage
  • Hand tools include all non-powered hand tools and low risk powered hand tools such as drills, jigsaws, sanders.
  • Stationary power tools will not be accessible during this time (ie. table saw, bandsaw, mitre saw) as well as higher risk hand tools that require training such as (routers, circular saws, biscuit jointer, domino jointer).

Stationary Power tools:

Open Hours w/ stationary power tools usage + hand tools

Supervised by professional staff

  • Great time to prioritize making cuts and working on machines.
  • Just like during class time. All stationary power tools will be available for usage as well as everything else.

Questions? Please email Catherine McCulloch, Fab Labs Director,

Open hours in the Fabrication Labs are times when the wood and metal labs are staffed but unused by scheduled classes. During these times, the labs are open for use by appropriately-trained students, faculty, and staff in the College.