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Required University Forms

An Alcohol Service Request is required when an individual and/or organization intends to serve or sell alcohol in a UW facility. This is required for any campus room including studios.

The type of Alcohol Permit or License required will be determined by the information provided by the applicant via the Alcohol Service Request. Events with alcohol service will require either a WA state issued Banquet Permit or a Special Occasion License. Alternately, the applicant may need to present the UUFC with a Caterer’s Business License with Liquor Endorsement when a Caterer is involved.

Note that the permit/license only permits the consumption of alcohol within the location noted on the form. To ensure a superior learning environment, CBE does not allow alcohol to be served in CBE classrooms.

Request for Use of University Facilities

UUF approval is required:

  • A non-University group/individual intends to hold a function at a UW facility
  • A private or commercial organization wishes to sponsor or be involved with an activity at a University facility
  • A university community member intends to hold a function at a UW facility that is open to the general public or invited off-campus guests
  • A University of Washington-Seattle community member (current student, staff, or faculty) intends to hold a function (independent of any student group, department or administrative unit) at a UW facility
  • An organization would like to hold a partisan political activity at a UW facility
  • All outdoors events with amplification
  • At the venue operator’s discretion

Food that is not provided by a campus caterer requires a Temporary Food Service Permit.

Tent, occupancy, and flame permits are being handled by the Seattle Fire Department. If you plan to barbecue make sure you are following all Campus Barbecue Guidelines.