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Reservations + Rentals

Architecture Hall, 3943 Stevens Way W
Gould Hall, 3950 University Way NE
Community Design Building, 3947 University Way NE

To confirm room availability, please go to the Room Calendars page

G042, Architecture Hall
110, Architecture Hall
140, Architecture Hall
250, Architecture Hall

007, Gould Hall
100, Gould Hall
102, Gould Hall
110, Gould Hall
114, Gould Hall
142, Gould Hall
208J, Gould Hall
440, Gould Hall
442, Gould Hall

Gould Court
North Lawn, Gould Hall
Varey Garden, Gould Hall

One-time reservations will be accepted once the previous quarter concludes. To check availability and other information for these rooms, please go to the Room Calendars page.

After checking availability for BE-managed rooms, complete the Room Reservations online form.

Note, your reservation is not complete unless you receive an email confirmation.

Rental Rates: $50-200 per hour

To maintain the highest quality studio learning environment, facility rentals are limited to activities that are academic in nature and have a relationship to our disciplines. We do not accept public rental requests for social activities (weddings, reunions, tailgating, etc.). Weeks 8 Р10 plus finals are rental dead periods.

If you wish to photograph or film our buildings or grounds please contact University Marketing & Promotions.

For additional rental questions, please contact BE Facilities Coordinator Meegan Amen (

For Architecture G070, 147 and 160 rental information, please email Classroom Support Services (

For Gould 117, 322, 435 and 436 rental information, please email Classroom Support Services (

Alcohol Service Request

  • Any occasion where alcohol will be present on UW grounds, regardless of a room reservation, requires a permit.
  • Note that the permit/license only permits the consumption of alcohol within the location noted.
  • Alcohol shall not be served in CBE classrooms.
  • Alcohol will not be approved in outside spaces.
  • Out of deference to religious and personal preferences, alcohol should not be served in studios or assigned study spaces where students can not opt out of participation.

Request for Use of University Facilities (UUF)
Some examples of when the UUF is required include events open to the public or rental by an outside UW entity. Please check complete list to determine the need to complete a UUF.

Temporary Food Service Permit
If food will be provided from any caterer other than Bay Laurel.

It is not the college’s responsibility to determine whether any of these forms are required for your reservation or rental.

UW’s Marketing & Communications team has prepared a thorough guide to answer most of your special event questions.