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The certificate requires 12–15 credits of specialized work that may be part of the required total credits for your degree but may not duplicate courses or selectives/selected electives required for the degree. For example, MUP students are required to take an advanced methods course. If they take an urban design method to meet that requirement, that course’s credits don’t count toward the 12–15 credits. However, we do consider them part of your urban design education.

Please click here for the full curriculum. And here is an Urban Design Program Checklist that might be useful to you.

  • Summary for MArch students (available soon—please see Neile if you have questions in the meantime)
  • Summary for BLA students (available soon—please see Neile if you have questions in the meantime)
  • Summary for MLA students (available soon—please see Neile if you have questions in the meantime)
  • MUP students interested in urban design issues may do either the Urban Design Certificate or the in-department MUP urban design specialization to meet the specialization requirement for their degree. The specialization focuses on urban design as a component of urban planning. The certificate also does so, but adds in more design-related interdisciplinary work. The specialization and certificate requirements differ, so please pay close attention to the different requirements listed for each of them.
  • PhD students should discuss requirements individually with their advisors and with Neile

Neile Graham is the adviser for the program. She's available for drop-in appointments during her office hours in Gould 410L (generally until 2:00 PM daily Monday through Friday, September through June), or email her. If necessary, she will refer you to the appropriate faculty member.

If you want to sign up formally for the certificate, the Statement of Interest form is available online, on paper from Neile's office in Gould 410L, or is downloadable as a DOC file or a fillable PDF. You just need to turn this in and you’re in the program. If you decide later that you won’t complete the certificate, just let Neile know.

The certificate requires you to have an urban design component to your thesis/capstone/professional project which an urban design faculty member must supervise and when possible act as chair. Here is a list of previous Urban Design Student Theses and Professional Projects.

Questions about the Urban Design Program? Email or check the FAQ.