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Mobilizing Collaboration

The University of Washington College of Built Environments educates superior practitioners in the fields we represent. Engrained in our philosophies around teaching and research, is our belief that interdisciplinary learning is key to the success of a student’s ability to be a solution-oriented, collaborative, and mindful professional. Our faculty is applying methods and ideas from multiple disciplines to give students a rounded perspective on problem-solving, business, design, planning, and implementation.

A truly interdisciplinary college – where students in landscape architecture can learn how their work intersects with construction management and where urban planning and architecture students learn about real estate finance and development – prepares students to become professionals who can seamlessly transition into multi-discipline teams at work. This approach is not new to our structure – since we began our work on the UW campus, more than 100 years ago, we have continually emphasized the interdisciplinary experience as one that will prove valuable in a student’s professional career and personal life.

Your investment in new interdisciplinary learning opportunities will enable our students to work collaboratively, across disciplines, to address the grand challenges of urbanization, globalism, and sustainability.

Support Interdisciplinary Teaching and Research