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Driven to Find Solutions

The University of Washington is one of the top research institutions in the world and is located in one of the fastest growing cities in our country. For the College of Built Environments, Seattle is our living laboratory with boundless opportunities for hands-on learning. Our faculty and students tackle big research questions and find innovative solutions that have an impact on the way we work, learn, live, and move around.

Our faculty and students accomplish this work through dozens of research initiatives and service learning projects. Working alongside industry, we are developing news ways to solve major transportation problems, prepare our region for natural disasters, bring agriculture to some of the world’s most arid regions, and reduce the carbon footprint new structures have through their life-cycle.

Your Investment
Supporting research will provide seed money to germinate new innovative ideas and create the proof of concept that can be leveraged for further grant funding. It will also provide bridge funding to faculty between grants, but most importantly, it will allow more students to participate in research alongside our faculty.

Increased research outputs will lead to increased impact on the natural and built environment. It will improve community health and well-being as well as mitigate the effects of natural disasters and build resilient ecosystems.

Support the Future of Building and Design

Center for Education and Research in Construction (CERC)
Integrated Design Lab
Design Machine Group
Carbon Leadership Forum

Support Urban Growth and Green Spaces

Center for Preservation and Adaptive Reuse
Green Futures Lab
Urban Ecology Research

Support Healthy Communities

Northwest Center for Livable Communities
Institute for Hazards Mitigation and Planning Research